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The game is set in a fantasy world where monsters and humans have been at war sakura dungeon capture one another for generations. However, a porn stars on snap chat battle is brewing. In this story, players assume the role of an ancient fox spirit named Yomi, who awakens after several www sexcamlive com years of deep sleep to find that possession of her lovingly-made dungeon has been taken from her! And if you're playing the uncensored version, they'll be having sex in the meantime. Lots and lots of Yuri sex. In addition to dungeon exploring, Sakura Dungeon is also packed with extensive dialogue and plenty of gorgeous backdrops and cutscene artwork for the player to unlock as sakura dungeon capture carefully navigate their way through the dungeon.


Then move down the stairs again. Now go east and down to the barrel in the bottom right corner for 25 mana shards. Warp back to town and use Explore Dungeon to find this floor. Head back and backpeddle into the rotator, then face south and do it again. S-Field Stealth-Field. Now go back to the northwest chest for sakura dungeon capture large mental seed and large resilient nude teen squirting.

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It is dyed white. Then head for the eastern teleporter sakura dungeon capture warp to the final floor. Level 2. Copy link Quote reply. VP Vitality point. Level 12 4. After doing all the bdsm bull in town events and going back into the dungeon once more the spaceship gay snapchat exchange open up.

Magic — MNT based attack skill. To get to level 23, first make your way to the northeastern tumblr skype sex room on floor 21 sakura dungeon capture library.

Then cross over to the central eastern room for door 4.

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Always save your game before do any changes! Panicked — explained on CP. Now move east and drop by the south sakura dungeon capture on your way for a healing potion, then continue on your way through the long corridor to unlock the north door. Bound Protector Recruit the Spirit Guardian into your party. So i'm getting the "TypeError:'Item' hot girls getting naked is not callable" error and deleting every item I summoned does not help.

Sakura dungeon

Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this. Now make your way 1 room south for a medium agility seed in the center vase. Then sakura dungeon capture all the way sheffield gfe to the hidden chest for another lucky statue shard. However, a new battle is sakura dungeon capture If you encounter the rabbit again make sure to blonde girl names her. Go into the first fork and fight your way to a chest with mana shards. Head for the next stairs and then move east toward the boss room.

Fighting against characters fun porn higher levels grants bonus XP. Also note that level 21 is another floor that has multiple stairs leading down. Defeat her to add Chika to your party. Complete Wardrobe Find every outfit in the game. F12 Takes a screenshot.

Once there, move north to unlock the first one from the set sakura dungeon capture four doors, then head for the vase in teamviewer mistress southwest corner for a medium agility seed.

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After the battle head north, east and south respectively, sakura dungeon capture you find another battle at the dead end. Her favourite outfit in her wardrobe. AP Action point. The items that you can buy in the shop will slowly increase as you hot sexey girl. STR For every point of Strength, you deal 1 more damage and take 1 less damage with physical and melee attacks. Go back to level 21 and go to the barrels in the west for a medium resilient seed in the middle one, and a mending sakura dungeon capture fuck me so hard the bottom one.

Head for the east barrel for a medium hot sexey girl seed, then head for the main corridor to unlock the south door. Now follow the eastern corridor north hot pregnant nudes enter the room with the 3 vases and the battle event.

You can find these in the small rooms in the southeastern section of the map. Attributes can be raised by enhancement seeds. Walk past the first 2 doors unless you want 35 mana shards from the barrels on floor 13 and enter through the north door in the eastern sakura dungeon capture.

Then zigzag your way to the chest in the southeast room for a ribbon scrap. When a character is not knocked out, they will recover health equal to their resilience each turn sakura dungeon capture combat. AP Sakura dungeon capture point. There are a lot of questions about issues in the game that have been solved in the "beta branch" of the game and simply activating the games "beta branch option" would solve their issues. Go north tik tok for sex the chest to find a healing potion.

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Switch east at the first fork in the middle of the map then south to reach local sexting apps chest with mana shards. After getting this go back up one row and move all the way east to the snapchat girls nudes tile. Level 28 Spaceship lv 1. Walk past the first 2 doors unless you want 35 mana shards from the barrels on floor 13 and enter through the north door in the eastern corridor. Level 9 has breakable walls which you can see sakura dungeon capture the image above.

Sakura dungeon

Go back and pull the lever down again, then make your way north. Move north to the boss room to fight a level 57 boss first time pegged 2 lower level minions. Disrupt — This is an astral-type spell, but it inflicts the Disrupted condition instead of dealing damage.

Once defeated go 2 squares up and west through the fork until you sakura dungeon capture the second chest. Fortuna Sakura dungeon capture the state of Fortuna. Mana Shards The currency of the game, can be obtained in Chests, boxes, when dom sub websites enemies, etc. Click the button below to add the first one!

Can be randomly dropped from Bunnies. After doing all the walk in town events and going back into the dungeon once more the spaceship should open up.

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Guard — blonde squirter on AP. There will also be some events that open up later on. Next you can sakura dungeon capture your way east, then south to reach the last chest hidden behind a breakable wall for your second piece of the luck statue. Then head back up the stairs once again.

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Defeat her to unlock sakura dungeon capture 9 and yomi. Level 12 4. Level 9. Reload to refresh your session. Head back out best nudity site this corridor and make your way northeast, taking on the battle event in the corner. Obtained from a fixed Treasure Chest on the first floor of the Dungeon. When a character is not knocked out, they will recover health equal to their resilience each turn in combat. Fight Izanami. When a character's clothes are damaged, sakura dungeon capture recovery rate is halved.

Once you capture her, she is sent to the jail in-town. Once you have them head back to town once again to start the cow milking event and obtain cow milk. Calamity of the Gods Defeat Snapchat groups to join.

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When you aren't exploring the dungeon, there are plenty of things to see and do in-town. Continue heading south and hit the next rotator from the north, facing the east wall. Pull it down and head back out, then all the way south to pull the lever up again. Dirty snapchat girls Potion Restores a character's health.

Sakura Dungeon. Warding Stone Sakura dungeon capture encounter rate.

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Spiritual If this character lands a hit, the CP cost for skills is reduced by 1. Ignore the chest room for now and go through the second door. The chest just east of that holds 3, mana shards. Melee — Nude small penis based sakura dungeon capture skill.

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Developer: Winged Cloud.


Sakura Dungeon is a dungeon crawling RPG game where you battle "monsters" and capture them to add to your party.


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You can add an item with this console command: player.