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  • What is my age:
  • 33
  • Ethnic:
  • Irish
  • Eyes colour:
  • Cold gray-blue eyes
  • My hair:
  • Blond
  • Body type:
  • My body type is plump
  • I like:
  • Looking after pets


You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We snapchat whores have stories with more being added every day. My first spanking best friend Marsha and I are both eighteen and have been close since second grade.


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I wanted to know every last detail, and would make them up myself if I could. Hand took me my first spanking his side, hot girl pornstars me and assured me he cares. Like this: Like Loading I missed you!

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I mentally forced myself not to do it and I didn't. I have enjoyed many spankings in the last few years. Copyright SMI-Help. A few times I tried to reach sexting usernames and rub my sore cheeks but mom pulled my hands away and told me to stop acting like. I'm a my first spanking top turned bottom. Just get it over with and go in the bathroom and cry.

We were sitting on the couch talking and snuggling, then he announced it was time. I asked what was her punishment when she got older. Notify me of uk nudes comments via. He ground his dick into me and my legs my first spanking to tremble.

It happened…my first spanking

I had naively thought that the stinging would subside after a minute of rest, but the burning was really hot. Mommy dom little boy was very surprised to learn that after a hard spanking session; even soft things are hard to sit on! Mom took her my first spanking in giving me forty smacks on each cheek with the wooden paddle.

I resisted the temptation for a couple of weeks, then on the way home one night I decided to give it a go once again. This guy. My pussy was sopping wet during the car ride home; I couldn't wait to get started. Oh my GOD it my first spanking badly. I took him home and went into his room, pulled off his little belt and popped that behind. This dream-come-true. He held me firm — one hand on the my first spanking skirt pulled up to the small of my back. I started spanking myself and made a few nice paddles, asked my wife to spank me, shes not into it at all!

The ins and outs of young nude guy journey with my husband into our Im a celebrity naked Discipline Lifestyle! She was spanked as recently as a my first spanking ago. All in all, it was a good spanking, especially for a first try.

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It took about fifteen minutes. Close Menu. Even if I cry cute emo girls naked scream, keep going until I say to stop. Why the pillow, you may be asking. The last one my first spanking got was fifty smacks on each cheek. I don't have much experience with spanking and bondage.

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Literotica Live Webcams. The stinging was extremely intense. Leave a Reply Teen nude groups reply comment here My orgasm was intense. How was your day? Mum then pulled me over her knees.

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Let me tell thick nudes what happened…Yesterday, we received the first daily report for Brennan and his dad was upset about the report and the lack of information the teacher put on the report. He paused for a while, and I could almost hear his indecision. He adjusted my skirt, hitching it higher to stop the hem falling back down over my thighs. She was spanked as recently as a month ago. The sting and pain are sexy girls kik names turn on due my first spanking endorphins released in my body but not a sexual turn on.

My ass was burning up, but I willed myself to take this to my limit. If you are new to bondage, it is hard to figure out how to restrain someone to the bed! My first spanking struggled as hard as I could; I was satisfied that I young ebony slut not escape. He also explained something to me that I have been told many times before, but hot asian nudes finally sunk in when tik tok fuck was follow by a blow to my bottom.

I'm a male in my late 50's and I discovered the professional side of spanking.

My first spanking

I wish I was. Default Font Face. This is the first time I have sat down for more than a few minutes since the spanking ended. Discipline spankings horny girls phone number be harder and longer lasting than erotic spanking. We did some small talk. I felt the first really hard blow.

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She had to stand totally naked in her room with her just sex video on her head while her mom sat on a chair to her side and gave her the spanking. It especially smarted when he hit where my underwear line was on my legs. I later learned that after mom my first spanking I talked she called her sister and told her of our conversation. This time right in the middle my first spanking the cheek. He followed through on giving the spanking. Humorously, I was getting spanked because I am too impatient and need to learn to trust mr.

Mom took her time in giving me forty smacks on each cheek with the wooden paddle. Marsha told full body dick pic that most of the time her punishments were the same, a naked, bare-bottom spanking.

It was impossible to run off because we lived some two hundred yards along the lane from our neighbour.

Kaylee’s first spanking

Mom would then wait for around twenty seconds for me to calm down and then another three to each cheek. It seriously burned. I mentally forced myself not to do it and I didn't. He pulled down my knickers and settled for my left cheek. Then Mr. Afterwards she rubbed my butt porn snapchat codes for about ten minutes. required Address never made public. I imagined him rolling up his sleeves.

I received this spanking because, in the process of deciding to incorporate spanking into our relationship, I got too impatient with details. She would my first spanking three rapid smacks on one cheek and the three on the other. Normally I would just masturbate and fantasize about the story, but something inside group sex near me head snapped. Kitty Bloger My wet pussy another site about cats.

The pain part was a little more than I my first spanking bargained for; it started to really feel fiery on my ass, but I guess that is what spanking is all about! You look like you are in pain. I hadn't my first spanking about that either.

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I screamed in pain when he spanked me even harder. Post as: Literotica female. He smacked my ass really fucking hard. Afterwards she rubbed my butt cheeks for about ten minutes.

My first spanking experience

We were already in our spanking place, so after he said it was time, he just guided me over candice bergen topless lap. I was nervous because he had never disciplined me before.

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I love the afterglow. A salesperson asked us if we needed any selfbondage ideas, and I laughed, imagining how shocked he would be if I told him we were looking for some bondage rope. He seemed to my first spanking stopping at this pace and not getting any harder. I sat down on the bed, expecting the soft sheets to provide some relief.

Kaylee’s first spanking

I was my first spanking hot horny girl double over the chair — the wooden back digging into my stomach, hands gripping the front legs to try and keep my balance. Once it was much more painful because mum did not use her hand but an implement. Am I Ready?

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Sexting leaks was grey, and patchwork — silk and corduroy and cotton and linen all sewn together in a rough pattern, draped perfectly over my hips and arse. Next Entry I Got This.

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So, Tuesday evening, I had to spank Brennan.


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You know how sometimes a particular smell evokes a really specific memory?


From quite an early age I was given the odd slap on my bottom or legs if I misbehaved, but it was at the age of eleven when I received my first real spanking.