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Minka-Aire F843-DK Wave

Minka-Aire F843-DK Wave, 52-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan – Distressed Koa



Minka-Aire F843-DK WaveThe wave ceiling fan is designed for indoor use only and is ideal for standard bedrooms, family rooms, great rooms, and large areas with a minimum size of 225 ft² or 15 by 15 feet with standard 8-foot ceilings. The Minka-Aire F843-DK Wave ceiling fan is powered by a 172-millimeter by 14-millimeter motor. The fan produces 6,580 cfm of airflow using only 99 cfm’s per watt. The energy produced on high speed without lights is 66.4 watts. This model comes without lights, but you can add one. You get decent airflow per watt with the 3 blades.



  • Comes with remote control with three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and reversible switch (on fan) for year round use
  • Blades are made of Abs Construction for strength
  • Includes 80-inch lead wire, .75 inch by 6-inch down rod, a .75 inch by 3 1/2-inch down rod
  • Lifetime motor warranty; one-year warranty on all other parts
  • Blades have about 48 degree pitch; like to see 12 degree minimum
  • Energy Star Rated



  • Must be installed with a downrod
  • No light kit included




Product Review

A bold design that draws inspiration from the ocean’s waves.

Offering a refined, contemporary style, three-blade indoor ceiling fan has a look that balances well with almost any decor. It features a distressed koa finish and three wave-shaped distressed koa Abs construction blades. This fan features a whisper-quiet motor with a 3-speed reversible switch that allows for customizing air movement. It is used with a remote control.

The fan provides airflow at up to 6,580 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at its highest speed. It is rated to operate at 66 watts at high speed (without the lighting on), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 99 cfm per watt. (As a comparison, 36-inch to 48-inch ceiling fans have airflow efficiency ranging from approximately 71 to 86 cfm per watt at high speed.

Designed for rooms up to 400 square feet (20 by 20 feet), the Wave utilizes a 172-by-14-millimeter motor for powerful, quiet air circulation. The Minka-Aire Wave’s abs blades have a average pitch of 48-degrees.



  • Ceiling fans can save you money in winter (Reverse Blade Direction) as well as summer: up to 10 percent in heating costs and up to 40 percent in air conditioning costs.
  • Placement is important. Install the ceiling fan with the blades 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling and 7 to 9 feet above the floor.

This Minka-Aire fan is backed by a lifetime motor warranty and a one-year warranty on all other parts.


What’s in the Box

  • Wave ceiling fan
  • 3 blades
  • 80-inch lead wire
  • 6-inch length by .75-inch diameter down rod
  • 4 1/2-inch length by .75-inch diameter down rod


Customer Reviews

We have three fans in the house, an Artemis, this Wave and a Westinghouse Solana. I would rate the Solana very low on the scale even though its only 50-60 dollars less than the Wave. There is just no comparison between the Wave and the Solana, in every category noise, looks, design, craftsmanship, etc except for lighting which the Wave lacks. I originally got the Solana for the master, but it was too loud and the air flow was too weak. Apart from the lower air flow which is understandable for its size and blade count, the fan is noisy with high levels of blade noise and motor whine. I decided to gamble again on the Wave. It’s very similar to the Artemis fan, which we also recently bought and installed so I have a very high bar to compare the Wave against. Oh btw, the Minka Aire included remotes are fairly thin and modern looking. It wouldn’t look out of place on the table. The remote on the Westinghouse on the other hand looks like something you’d find from the 80’s. It’s these little things that are not important but they add to the value imo.

The wave is just as well made as the Artemis which costs over two times more, but it lacks features such as no light, no auto reverse on the motor. However it more than makes up for that with its price, looks, and high level of performance. It moves a lot of air and all around is very quiet. At high setting the wind noise is audible but it’s not annoying, more like a low hum underneath the fan blade noise. I suppose it is hard to separate the two when the all the air moving around you is moving very well. The Artemis on the other hand is barely noticeable. I would rate the Artemis a 10 easily and the Wave as an 8. When we consider the price difference, the Wave is a winner. You get most of the qualities of the Artemis at little more than a third the cost.

I cannot convey how much I despise the generic-cookie-cutter-design sold at the local home improvement store however, I do not have a millionaire’s wallet therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I found these on Amazon! The design is perfect for the eclectic look I’m going for in my home AND are a lifesaver in the summertime! We purchased the brownish color and the painting technique looks good – looks like they brush on the darker coating for an aged effect… just overall.. perfect!




Minka-Aire F843-DK Specs

Ceiling FanMinka-Aire F843-DK Wave Ceiling Fan
Minka-Aire F843-DK Wave
Item model numberF843-DK
Item Weight12.37 pounds
Size52 Inches
FinishDistressed Koa
Blade ColorDistressed Koa
Blade PitchVariable; about 48 Degrees
Light FixtureN/A
ControlRemote Control
MountDownrod Only: Standard or Angled
Motor MaterialN/A
Motor Size172mm x 14mm
Voltage120 volts
Wattage (On High)66.4 watts
Air Flow Capacity (On High)6580 Cubic Feet per Min.
Type of BulbN/A
Warranty DescriptionLimited Lifetime Warranty have a lifetime
motor warranty and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.