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Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco

Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco, 54-Inch Indoor Ceiling Fan – Brushed Steel



Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco Ceiling FanThe midway eco ceiling fan is designed for indoors and is ideal for family rooms, great rooms, and large areas 10 feet by 20 feet or bigger with standard 8-foot ceilings. The Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco ceiling fan is powered by a 165-millimeter super efficient ecomotor. The fan produces 6,206 cfm of airflow using 355 cfm’s per watt. The energy produced on high speed without lights is only 17.5 watts. This ceiling fan is the most energy efficient fan in the market. Almost 75% more efficient than most other fans in the industry.


  • Six fan speeds and reversible switch for year round use
  • Lifetime motor warranty; 1-year warranty on all other parts
  • Blades have a progressive 29° pitch; like to see 12° minimum
  • Energy Star Rated (Proven to be over 300% more efficient than any other ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan with lights.)
  • Comes with remote control
  • 80-inch lead wire
  • Hanging ball and bracket are both made of die-cast zinc



  • Lights are not dimmable




Product Review

The contemporary, five-blade indoor ceiling fan has a look that balances well with almost any decor. It features a brushed steel finish with midnight bordeaux color blades. This fan features a six-speed reversible switch that allows for summer/winter operation. The fan provides airflow at 6,206 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at its highest speed. It is highly efficient and rated to operate at 17.5 watts at high speed (without the lighting on), which gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 355 cfm per watt. (As a comparison, 36-inch to 48-inch ceiling fans have airflow efficiency ranging from approximately 71 to 86 cfm per watt at high speed. Designed for rooms starting at 200 square feet and up (roughly 10 by 20 feet with 54-inch blades), the Midway Eco utilizes a 165 millimeter EcoMotor. The Emerson Midway Eco comes with an integrated light kit using four 13-watt GU24 fluorescent bulbs (included). High-efficiency ABS blades featuring a progressive 29° blade pitch. The aerodynamically designed blades move up to 40 percent more air than standard blades.



  • Ceiling fans can save you money in winter (Reverse Blade Direction) as well as summer: up to 10 percent in heating costs and up to 40 percent in air conditioning costs.
  • Placement is important. Install the ceiling fan with the blades 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling and 7 to 9 feet above the floor.

This Emerson fan is backed by a lifetime motor warranty and a one-year warranty on all other parts.


What’s in the Box

  • Midway Eco ceiling fan
  • 80-inch lead wire
  • 4-1/2-inch downrod
  • 6-speed remote control
  • four 13-watt GU24 fluorescent bulbs (non-dimmable)
  • installation instructions


Customer Reviews

This fan is very energy efficient and moves lots and lots of air. On High it only takes 24 watts and less than 5 watts on low. It is built with a newly designed DC motor using permanent magnets to accomplish this level of efficiency and it has 6 speeds.

It is easy for one person to install as it allows you to hang the fan and THEN wire it in. You don’t have to have another person hold the fan while you wire it in like some fans do. The instructions were mostly easy to understand but a tad confusing as to which side of the blades were supposed to face the ceiling. It has a tag on each blade “This side up”, but you install the blades when the fan motor is upside down sitting on the floor. I installed them wrong after I realized that it circulated air upward amazingly well, but didn’t blow down. I removed the blades reversed them and all was fine. It would have been clearer if the tag on each blade had said “This side towards Ceiling” as that would have removed any doubt as to their orientation while assembling.

It is almost inaudible on the first two speeds and on the higher speeds you can hear the movement of air but never the motor. I did not experience any “buzzing” of the lights when turned on like some others report. The only small downside is that you cannot dim the lights as it uses 4 Compact Florescent with a color temperature of 2700K to mimic the color of incandescent lights. They are either on or off. Remote works fine, but uses one of those 12v garage door opener batteries rather than easily attainable AAA. It doesn’t wobble one bit.
If you run a fan all the time for air circulation this fan certainly is one of the most economical and quietest fans you can run. Paid $419 on Amazon and it was $700 at a local lighting store. I considered Casablanca, but went with this one because of the low energy use.

It is a really well built fan but I gave it a four because the lights can’t be dimmed, installation of the blades could have been clearer, and the remote doesn’t use a common size battery.

This is a very good fan. It is very quiet; far more so than other remote control fans I have had. It is reasonably easy to install. It is heavy, so the initial push up to the hanging bracket can be difficult, but since the remote reciever is built in, there are few wires to deal with. There are lots of parts one needs to install, not hard, but it does take a awhile. The parts list could be more explanatory; it can be difficult to know what screw is what. It has one fault, in my opinion. That is the funky light bulbs. It uses four GU24 type CF bulbs that are nearly impossible to find at your local big box store. It outputs a reasonableamount of light, but probably not enough to be the sole light source in large room. The blades are directional. That means they need to be installed exactly as the directions state or it simply will not move much air. But with the blades installed correctly, it does blow like a hurricane! Also, it comes with a good remote. It does not take the place of a light switch, but there is a holder so you can mount it near a switch if you wish. Many places, including Amazon, offer another remote. This one needs to be mounted in wall box and it takes a really rare battery. So, unless you are a remote control collector, the one that is included is probably fine. For $450, I expected more.

June 2014 update: I just purchased my third example of this fan. I have found nothing that is remotely operated and as quiet. The 2009 review is simply out of date. No hum when the light is on. Most of the screws are now installed where they eventually belong, but need to be removed for assembly. Still uses those funky GU24 bulbs and they are still not dimmable.




Emerson CF955BS Specs

Ceiling FanEmerson CF955BS Midway Eco Ceiling Fan
Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco
Item model numberCF955BS
Item Weight22.1 pounds
Size54 Inches
FinishBrushed Steel
Blade ColorMidnight Bordeaux
Blade PitchProgressive 29 Degrees
Light FixtureSingle non-dimmable fluorescent light fixture with 4 13-Watt GU24 Non-Dimmable CFL Bulbs (included)
ControlRemote Control (RC955)
Mountnearly Flush; Downrod: Standard
Motor MaterialN/A
Motor Size165mm x ?mm
Voltage120 volts
Wattage (On High)17.5 watts (Excludes Lights)
Air Flow Capacity (On High)6206 Cubic Feet per Min.
Type of BulbFour 13-watt GU24 fluorescent bulbs (included)
Warranty DescriptionLimited Lifetime Warranty have a lifetime
motor warranty and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.