A Solution To Low Ceilings – Invest In A Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Flush Mount….What?

Hunter 53253 Ashmont Ceiling FanThe reason why ceiling fans are installed in homes are to help control the environment of a room. While a fan don’t actually cool or heat a room, air movement helps to circulate warm air near the ceiling and uses a wind chill effect to cool you down; when used along with circulating cool air from air conditioning around the room greater efficiency can be achieved by raising the temperature from the air conditioning and still obtain the same comfort level.

Now, some homes has ceilings lower than the standard 8 ft. in height. These low ceilings requires a hugger or flush mount ceiling fan. Due to national building codes, no ceiling fan can be install lower than 7 feet from the ground without violating the codes. And, for most fans to work properly, their fans must be 6 inches from the ceiling. So doing a little math, 7 1/2 feet is the lowest ceiling a fan should be installed on. To accommodate this, flush mount ceiling fans have the motor housing mounted directly to the ceiling allowing for additional head room underneath. These fans are designed for ceilings between 7 1/2 feet and 8 feet high.

A hugger or low profile are different names for flush mounted ceiling fans. They can be used in rooms with vaulted ceilings; just install on the joist.

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Top Popular Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

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