Be A Pro In 2015 With A Baseball Ceiling Fan


Add a personal touch to your childs room or the sport fanatic in your life with their favorite baseball teams’ colors and logos. A baseball ceiling fan is a great addition to a kids room especially when they love sports.

Baseball Ceiling Fans Examples

NY Yankees Baseball Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Designers 42FAN-MLB-NYY MLB York Yankees Baseball Ceiling Fan 42 In.




Hunter 23252 Baseball 44-Inch Single Light 4-Blade Ceiling Fan, Leather-Look Mitt Base with 4 Pine/Aluminum Blades and Baseball Light


Benefits For Installing One

Installing a fan in your childs room will give you benefits along with your kids. For example, in the summer, when the fan is being used, the air circulating around the room will make the room feel cooler. This is an energy-efficient way to get rid of heat in a room. And, in the Winter reverse the blade direction and you help circulate the heat.

Baseball ceiling fans don’t always use the traditional style light; but, can use a baseball-like cover. These fans tends to be hugger (low profile) fans, because the globe containing the light bulb takes up more space. Additionally, kids ceiling fans as a whole are low profile. Since there is only one light bulb, a higher watt bulb will be needed for maximum visibility. Use the max wattage the ceiling fan can handle; according to the manufactures recommendations. The blades also come in cool graphic designs and patterns keeping in touch with the theme.

You will need to find a fan which has the kind of design and colors that kids have a deep interest in; after all, it is not cost-effective to remake a room every few years. Given baseball is Americas past-time of choice, it should be a safe bet that your young one will continue to be happy.